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What I research ?

 My research concentrates on two topics: reconfigurable computing systems and acoustics.

I'm active in reconfigurable computing since Oktober 1994. At that time I started with a Msc. thesis in that field. By now I've received a PhD in that topic. At this mo- ment I'm looking to the as- pects runtime reconfiguration and scalability in order to make reconfigurable com- puting systems applicable to a large number of applica- tions. This work has resulted in the implementation of SURReCA. This is a scalable runtime reconfigurable com- puting system. We've used the developped system for the simulation of ATM switch fabrics.

I'm also working on acoustics. I started with that research in oktober 2000. At that moment I got involved in a project that concentrated on the imple- mentation of low-cost profes- sional  sound level meters using of-the-shelf elements. This work resulted in the EUTERPE application. At this moment I'm working on an integrated environment for the implementation of virtual acoustic instruments. Interested in the last work... Check this page regularly... results will be published soon.

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