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Acoustic Sond

with programmable Intelligence

We’ve implemented an integrated (class A) sonometer (named Euterpe) for environmental sound-analysis. The hardware of the  integrated sonometer is based on a low-cost personal computer for digital signal-processing, a professional soundcard for data-acquisition and a measuring microphone. A windows based software-tool is implemented to integrate some extra functionalities like task scheduling, remote control, … with the traditional functionalities of a sonometer. This with the aim to facilitate unmanned environmental acoustic measurements.


 commercially available Soon...
expected second quarter of 2002
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Virtual Acoustic


The aim of this project is to extend the developed integrated sonometer (see Euterpe) with a software-environment, which allows acoustic experts (with only limited programming knowledge) to define and implement specialized acoustic measuring tools. This makes the developed sonometer a generic environment that integrates multiple software-emulated measuring devices, which can be combined as required in the measurement campaign. The developed tool is a windows-based program, which allows one to define a measuring chain of interconnected operators. The user can simply drag and drop the operators in the environment and define how the operators are related.