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Practicum I (aka. Modula-2 for GAS students) Course schedule 30/9/2004 (click)
Practicum II (second semester course)
Technieken van de Articiele Intelligentie
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Project: Parallel Lil-gp
Project: mjpegtools patch for (S)VCD/DVD Mpeg Stills
Project: compFUSEd read-write compressed filesystem in userspace

Job Description
I am a research assistant at the Parallel Computing Laboratory, which is part informatics department of the Faculty of Applied Sciences at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel.  Next to doing my Ph. D. I am also in charge of the administration of the Linux systems here at the lab.

My first diploma was that of industrial engineer in micro electronics. I got this diploma at the Erasmus Hogeschool of Brussels. The subject of my thesis back then was the development of a real time simulation module for alternator of nuclear power plants. I had the opportunity to do this thesis at Tractebel Energy Engineering.

I received my Licentiate degree in Applied Computer Science from this university in September 1998. My thesis work was related to the distributed coordination of robotic agents. This work was done at the VUB AI-lab in the context of the RoboCup competition.

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Johan  Parent
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