Dil-Art artist group

This young artist group presents a series their members work online at

Compressed linear Genetic Programming

GP information available online at


A little introduction about genetic algorithm I wrote. No big deal, it is something to get you started.


Are you looking for streaming MP3? You know the kind of on-line radios you can listen to using a mp3-player. ShoutCast is collecting them. If you want to brag about MPEG formats I suggest you first read the information made available at Start by knowing the difference between mp3 and mpIII!!!!


A list of hardware manufactorers websites, I belief this to be convenient. Crawford MicroSystems


I try not to throw the typical links at you but then again what is typical for you?

Let's start we an important one : Sign The Linux Driver Petition  you have go there so we can push the hardware manufactorers!!

Did you know they used Linux to make the Titanic movie? No, well have a look here.


If you are looking for books and some discount and you do not want to bother leaving your computer. Well, why not have a look at Proxis' website?

On-line dictionaries

Before using words you are not so sure about you could take a quick look in the Webster first.

Moving in Brussels

Brussel has a well developped network for public transportation. Maybe you'll find it interesting to use their services instead of using your car. Not quite sure? Well have a look at their time tables and their infrastructure in general. Surf to

C optimisation


Convert a DivX ;) to SVCD using

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