Abdellah Touhafi


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The fact that you visit my  academic webpage probably means that we have some common interests. This page is completely dedicated to the research and education I'm conducting at the  Vrije Universiteit Brussel  and at the Erasmus Hogeschool Brussel.

My main research interest is in the field of Reconfigurable Computing systems and their applications. These computing systems have proven to offer a better efficiency and perfor- mance compared to general purpose computing systems. If you want to know how we've implemented a scalable runtime reconfigurable computing ma- chine.... well take a look at  my  reconfigurable computing page.




reconfigurable computing systems ...

can change their architecture at runtime... this opens the way to novel computing paradighms. Want to know more about it... or even interested in a mastersthesis subject... check it out  and contact me.


level meters ...

are quite expensive. In our research we try to exploit the possibilities to implement professional sound level meters with low cost of-the-shelf components. We're also exploring the possibilities to make a generic platform for the implementation of virtual acoustic instruments. Want to read about it... or even join us in our research... don't hesitate to find out more and contact one of the members.


in the courses I teach ...

or just want to download the course documents... this is the place to be. For detailed course schedule, contact the secretary or check it out on the EHB website.