Causal Structure Learning Module


This module shows how a causal model is constructed, based on an information analysis of the data.

This code is based on Tetrad 4.3.1, and more specifically the PC algorithm, which is fully explained in SGS '93 (Peter Spirtes, Clark Glymour and Richard Scheines. Causation, Prediction, and Search, Springer Verlag, 1993). The PC algorithm is extended to be able to deal with deterministic relations and information equivalences, as explained in paper 1 and paper 2.


Sorry, your browser does not support applets. Download the jar-file above and run it with java.

 This code is still under development, please excuse us if some unconvenient 'features' appear. Feel free to annoy our young responsible developer with complaints.

  If necessary, install the latest java-plugin (java 1.5 is required).

  Alternatively, download jar-file and run the module by double-clicking on it or with command java -jar causalLearningWithKde.jar (Under Windows: Start => Run => execute cmd to open command shell, go to correct directory with cd <directory>).

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