Modula-2 Technology


 Create a 3-dimensional world with JJ3D (created by Jan Lemeire & Joris Borms; it uses Wimdows)

Create Windows applications instead of working with the (good) old Graph library:

! "%s\n","Wimdows"#"lib

          Much more difficult: Create Windows apllications with the complete Windows API

 Add sound to your program:

 Read/write from/to files with FIO

Use our StandardMenu library to quickly create good-looking menus (uses Wimdows)

 Timing functions

 Use freely our standard library with common procedures (updated for Wimdows):

 Use of the mouse (If you don't use Wimdows):

 Add bitmaps (If you don't use Wimdows):

Talk with the external world through yor PC's serial port: see the watertower.

  Use program arguments at runtime.
  Create your own libraries: see XDS documentation

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