Modula-2 Documentation

This are our Modula-2 quick syntax references:

   Using Modula-2: Modula-2 tutor : a student found this on the web , thank you. ( Zipped .txt-version & code examples )

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Excelsior, the makers of XDS

XDS User Guide (similar to the XDS help)
Modula-2 Language Reference (similar to the XDS help)
Modula-2 to C code convertor!?
The Modula-2 Site (Arjay Enterprises)
A course for Modula-2 (this one looks good)
Modula-2 FAQ
books about Modula-2
with: programming windows applications in Modula-2
Modula-2 editor, but the compiler is missing...
Modula-2 to Java compiler
Programming Windows applications in Modula-2

less interesting: