Archive problem :-(

April 19th, 2002

It has been a while since this page changed. I could have something to do with me being busy ;-) Anyway, here is a bugfix (sent by Olivier Nicolas) for randomizer code included.

Increased flexibility

August 29th,

The kernel became a more flexible with respect to the strong typing. In the initially one needed to provide functions and terminals for all the types. If this was not the case tree generation would fail.
With this latest change this belongs to the past. The kernel can now work even when functions and/or terminals are missing for some types. You still need to use you common sense though. Depending one which elements you leave out and the signature other functions, you may need to adjust the method used for the tree generation as well as the mutation. The kernel will tell you what it needs if things fail. DOWNLOAD

On-line code

I have assembled a new page in which you can find the different C files that make up the kernel. There you'll find the code in a very experimental stage. Archives are supposed to contain code which I believe to work. The code you can see on the code page is NOT guaranteed to work well. So maybe you will find better code there and then again maybe not. And now that I am at it. The code is under the GPL as was the original kernel so feel free to download and distribute it.


Still no new documentation but I have added a screenshot on this page (one more). It illustrates what you can expect when debugging the kernel. You can see (1280x1024) four smaller windows there. One for each task started in the PVM.

I promised to start with it asap. It may just help people understand why the parallel kernel is doing the things it does and how. This information will be posted here in first place I will see to it to include it in the archive later.

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