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The basic research interest is Parallel or Distributed Computer Architecture and Software.

Currently, the work in the field of computer architecture concentrates on the application of FPGA (field programmable gate array) technology for the optimization of general purpose (MIMD) parallel computers. A related topic in this field is the investigation of low latency interconnects.

The work in the field of concurrent software pursues the investigation of the feasibility of a new approach to the implementation of parallel programs. The strategy consists in the elimination of excess parallellism from a high level specification, instead of the search for parallellism in a given code. Experiments are mostly taken from the field of the simulation of telecommunication networks.


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Theorethical Informatics

Structured Digital VLSI Design

Geavanceerde Computer Architectuur


Prof. Dirkx is secretary of one Technical Committee and one Working Group of the International Federation on Information Processing


IFIP WG 10.3

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