A collection of personal research related stuff. It will grow over time :)


As most engineers, I am interested in performance, or even more generally put: making things better. Just making everything better is quite a challenge, so I picked a couple of fields in which I am particularly interested.

  • Parallel computing
  • Interactive 3D rendering
  • Optimization problems
  • Scalability

Current research

My current research focuses on making the texture mapping process on current GPU's more scalable by using a variety of techniques. One of these techniques is called virtual texture mapping, a technique that is already being used by the industry for a couple of years. Interesting Google keywords are: virtual texturing, megatexture. A nice demo (not by me) can be found on Youtube.

In short, the goal is to squeeze more out of the combined available texture bandwidth in a system, keeping the multiple memory hierarchies of modern computers in mind.