Parallelism & Intelligence


Parallelisation & Intelligence

About parallelisation.
Automatic optimisation of communication operations
Kumars optimisation of basic communication operations [Kumar, chapter 3]
Now we construct, with our human intelligence, for every communication configuration and for every operation an optimal algorithm. This is what I call a instance solution.
But can?t we learn a computer to construct these optimisations automatically?
I discovered that the optimisation basically uses a few optimisation types:
- Nodes send messages further
- concatenate messages
- ?
One solution is brute force search, but this is not how we solve it, namely by reasoning.
Furthermore, brute force search does not always lead to a solution ($$). Here?

Symmetry recognition.
For partitioning and visualisation symmetry is usefull/indispensable. But until now, no computer can recognise this!
Literature study
Invent a method to do it

Parallel Discrete Event Simulation & Intelligence

Ontologies for model reuse

Automatic lookahead detection
From the code.

Use the Compile-tree for code-understanding!?