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Modula-2 PACS: Tutorial

To create the best PACS-team, follow these steps:
  1. Modula-2 programming prerequisites:
  2. Try the demo
  3. Read the Introduction: learn about the rules of the game, the engine, the players' behaviour, ...
  4. Install the PACS files
  5. Try all possibilities of the PACS configuration and mode in PACS.mod
  6. Learn about the PACS files: what is the role of every file, how are they linked
  7. Learn about the engine (its program structure) and where your team fits in
  8. Study PACSInterface.def carefully
  9. Study our demo player JJSimplePl (JJSimplePl.def & JJSimplePl.mod) (its program structure)
  10. Start making your own player by copying our demo player JJSimplePl and changing its name everywhere in the code
  11. Think about a team strategy
  12. Good programming
  13. Debug your code
  14. Test your code
  15. General tips

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