The PACS engine

One may wonder why we came up with this engine concept and what it is good for. Well, we want different people to use our game for this project. Since this project should allow you to learning to program we can not ask you to understand how we programmed the game. That we be a little bit too much ;-) We can even say that you do not want to know. SO we have to shield you from the program that makes up the game. Well that we has been done. All the code that take compute that game is hidden in the engine. You only see the results produced by the engine not how it works.

Things the engine does

We just said that we want to hide the complexity of the game program from you. It is however useful to give you a sense of what kind of information the engine is using and which part of it you will need.

The engine keeps track of the position of the different players and objects. So when you ask a player to move the engine knows where it is standing in the arena and can see whether you player can move like that. You could very well run onto a wall. The points of the different teams are also computed by the game engine.

Aside from this the engine will also display the game on screen. Again, all these things are being done for you by the engine ;-) The engine also provides information you can use to debug your player and the possibility to control a player step by step using the keyboard.

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