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8. Linking it with Anchors

URL? Earl? Yurl? Relax, again. this lesson is quick and easy! In fact, it is just information for you to read...

What is an URL?

The real power of the World Wide Web is the ability to create hypertext links to related information. That other information may be other web pages, graphics, sounds, a shareware program, contents of a Gopher server, initiating a log-in to a remote computer, or connecting to an ftp site.

The World Wide Web uses an addressing scheme known as URLs, or Uniform Resource Locators, to indicate the location of such items. These hypertext links, the ones underlined in blue, are known as Anchors.

In the next lessons we will:

Wow! That sounds like a lot to do! Don't worry-- it is no more complex than what you have done up to this point. After all, without the hypertext, we would be only calling this "Writing TML" and not Writing HTML

Coming Next....

Using URLs to connect documents together via hypertext links.

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Writing HTML Lesson 8: Linking it with Anchors
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