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18. Spiffing Up Text

Not only can you color the background but you can color and SIZE specific portions of text! How much would you pay? But WAIT! You can now write superscripts and subscripts for fun things like chemistry and math:
CO2 + SO4-2
3x2 - 2y-1/2 = 4z


After this lesson you will be able to:


Note: If you do not have the working documents from the previous lessons, download a copy now.

With the HTML introduced by NetScape and HTML 3.0, you have some more options for formatting your text. Specifically, you can have different sized text as well as different colored text. When used judiciously, the text formatting can enhance the layout of a web page. When used with abandon, it can produce web pages that look like noise.

You can also now create superscript and subscripts used in mathematical expressions, chemical formulas, or as footnote markers.

In this lesson we will introduce you to these text features with some examples that you will use to modify your Volcano Web pages. You may want to first refer to the font test page to determine if your web browser supports the tags used in this lesson.

Font Size

The <font>..</font> tag introduced by NetScape may be used to set the size of the font from 1 (smallest) to 7 (largest) with a size of 3 being the normal text size: