Class Struct

  extended by mpi.Datatype
      extended by mpi.Struct

public class Struct
extends Datatype

Subclass of `Datatype' representing a derived datatype created using `Struct()'. createWriteBuffer doesn't write the sectionHeader because Struct datatype may consist of various different datatypes, thus the best place to write these section headers (and read them as well) are pack() and unpack() methods in StructPacker class. This behaviour is only exhibited, (writing various different kind of sections) by Struct datatype. Thus, it has be dealt here only. This may not be the best way of doing this, but at the mom. it looks *the best*.

Constructor Summary
Struct(int[] array_of_blocklengths, int[] array_of_displacements, Datatype[] array_of_types)
          you want to pack multiple type of non-contigous or contigous elements.
Method Summary
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Constructor Detail


public Struct(int[] array_of_blocklengths,
              int[] array_of_displacements,
              Datatype[] array_of_types)
       throws MPIException
you want to pack multiple type of non-contigous or contigous elements.