On this page you can find some of the links I have used for this project.This page is by no means an exhaustive reference of all the information available on the web concerning this topic. (Just a small reminder of all the nice things we didn't realise ourselves)

First things first, Genetic Algorithms Research and Applications Group (GARAGe)from the Michigan State University. Their website's URL is But the Lil-gp page is, so go there for some links to related projects.

The Parallel Virtual Machine has tons of webpages dedicated to it but the source must be close to the following URL Want to download PVM? Or just some information, go there.

Parallel and distributed systems laboratory of the Free Unverisity of Brussels. Well you already there since your reading this. If you care to know what my collegues are doing I suggest you start at

Being able to make the nice banners (like the one on top of this page) is on my very long wish list. So I asked to do it for my. Well asking is not the right term here, they make it for free and on-line for you! Really nice.

JavaScript, hmm I tried some in these pages. I got all these scripts from one and the same place,

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