At this very moment the code has not been tested by any person except myself. I managed to run succesfully each of the demonstration programs that come with the original program. When running these program I discovered quite some home made bugs which I fixed. But since programmers are bad testers I will not make any claims here.

So far I have test the programs under Linux kernel version 2.2  I have succesfully run the program on 2 processor machines and a cluster of workstations. I hope to provide some test result on this page later.

Identifying bugs

In order to ease the debugging process information will be provided by the program. Althought this will indeed introduce some overhead I believe this to be worth it. Do not expect too much though, what you will get is an extremely short message. This message mentions the name function and (if I have been consistent) the operation in that function that failed.

In pratice this means that all the PVM related functions will provide a brief description upon failure. This should help you identify problems whenever they would be related to PVM or the kernel itself.

I include some sanity checks as well. The most heavy onces are left out if you compile your program without the debugging defines. So if you want to find the bug yourself you should start by uncommenting the defines in the GNUmakefile.

When reporting a bug it might be interesting to include some part of your PVM log file. This is especially true if you compiled the kernel with the debugging defines.

Bug list

Please inform me about every bug that you may discover.

The information provided on this page is copyrighted © by the Free University of Brussels and provided as is.
From more information contact Johan Parent