The code (Wed Aug 30 17:38:25 CEST 2000)

On this page you can access the latest code in an uncompressed format. The first items are in HTML in order for you to read the code more easily (who would do that except me??). You can find the original text version as well (2nd item on a line).

The list:

bstworst.c in color bstworst.c in B&W
change.c in color change.c in B&W
ckpoint.c in color ckpoint.c in B&W
crossovr.c in color crossovr.c in B&W
ephem.c in color ephem.c in B&W
ev_none.c in color ev_none.c in B&W
ev_time.c in color ev_time.c in B&W
ev_times.c in color ev_times.c in B&W
eval.c in color eval.c in B&W
event.c in color event.c in B&W
exch.c in color exch.c in B&W
exch_async.c in color exch_async.c in B&W
fitness.c in color fitness.c in B&W
genspace.c in color genspace.c in B&W
gp.c in color gp.c in B&W
individ.c in color individ.c in B&W
main.c in color main.c in B&W
memory.c in color memory.c in B&W
mutate.c in color mutate.c in B&W
output.c in color output.c in B&W
params.c in color params.c in B&W
populate.c in color populate.c in B&W
pretty.c in color pretty.c in B&W
random.c in color random.c in B&W
reproduc.c in color reproduc.c in B&W
select.c in color select.c in B&W
tournmnt.c in color tournmnt.c in B&W
tree.c in color tree.c in B&W