CAFé DaDa 19 November

Mystic BandJan powering up!Atlantis was thereMystic Power :)
Vuste i de lucht!!!Dedicated monksFIKKE!!!!Salamixxxxer
Sp vs SalT-bone alias fuckfacelittle break

LIERNEUX World Champioship Mountainboarding 14th of August 2005

daysession at the skipiste

Foxy Cowboys in the Hills of Lierneux
Life can be easySpaceranger Lierneux
Check out da grass
nightsession at the Unimog 4x4

Mainstage LierneuxNarrow but IntimateSpeedy Sk8-singing at LierneuxMoments of ConcentrationZark, a kind of Happyness between two setsAfter a steamy concert...... A steamy night in the tent...
more actionpic's at www.mountainboard.be : Le Monty

Antwerpen Death Petrol Festival 6/ august/ 2005

Koen geeft schitterende introductieZark Myz & Speedy on driveSpeedy & SalaamZark climbing in the roofSalami & Zark accidentally involved in serenadeVeggg, organizer of this cool fest
Salami & Baetkopf pretty amusedde Piette

Café DaDa + Afterparty @ Joris' loft
DaDa: smokey rockafterparty & Joris' loftTime sucks


Couchsurfing2DangerousBrothersSpeedy ready 4 actionSpeedy on da marksSppedy Godly inspiredSpeedy horizontly checkingSpeedy r u amazed?Yes I amReady 4 more