High Level Function Description



My job is to design and implement an EPPA GUI and its Data Interface by using java in order to make it platform independent. The Database shown above is provided by the Parallel Computing Lab of VUB. All data transmission have to pass through the data interface. This enhanced the security and also made it handy.

The data streams: (As shown above)

1. Load the basic experimental information (Only Table “Experiments” in the MySQL Database) into the Data Interface.

2. Transfer all those to the Tree Structure in order to build the Index Tree.

3. When you clicked one experiment from the Index Tree, all data corresponding to this experiment will be sent to the Part of “TabbedPane” and “Prompt”.

4. When you switched among the different views. Additional data concerning the selected pane like the Table “Phases”, “PhaseDurations” will be read from MySQL database through the Data Interface. All data will be only read once. (A checker here to guarantee data redundancy)