I am doing my master thesis in the Parallel Computing Lab this semester under the kind instruction of Mr. Jan Lemeire and Prof. Erik Dirkx. I really gained a lot from them. So I am thinking of doing some contributions to the organisation of our lab. Besides my demo program(EPPA in java), I found some documents concerning java programming. Those lead to the following:


Java Technology.

some Free Resourses:

Java Programming Resources
19 Free Java Courses from IBM
Introduction to Programming Using Java - Full TOC - PDF version
Studying for Java Certification on the Web
Thinking In Java, by Bruce Eckel, 2nd Edition
Richard Baldwin's Java Tutorials, plus Javascript and XML
Jyothi Krishnan Java Certification Study Site
Java Certification & Training by Michael Thomas
Sun Certified Java Programmer (Java 2) Study Guide) (register here )
Another Java 2 Programmer Study Guide
Further Java, University of Cambridge
The Java Boutique: The Ultimate Java Applet Resource: Articles: Tutorials
The Developer's Guide to Understanding Enterprise JavaBeans Applications (pdf)
Mastering_Enterprise_JavaBeans and the Java 2 Platform (zipped pdf)
Java Bean Tutorial from Sun
A Walking Tour of JavaBeans
Advanced JavaBeans
Java Servlet Articles from
Java Servlet Tutorial from Webmonkey
Servlet and JSP Tutorial
Servlet Essentials from Novocode
Java Tutorials from
Introduction to JSP Tutorial
The Advanced Java/J2EE Tutorial
Sun JFC Swing Tutorial
Java Lecture Notes
Java Programming Course at
Java Technology Zone at IBM DeveloperWorks
100% Pure Java (portability) - 100 Percent Pure Java Cookbook JavaPureCheck
Java Book Series from Sun
Sun Certified Programmer Examination Revision Book
Web Developer Java Tutorials
Many Java Resources at Cetus-Links
Sun's Java Certification Page

The Java Language Specification( 2nd Edition)- This book attempts a complete specification of the syntax and semantics of the language. We intend that the behavior of every language construct is specified here, so that all implementations will accept the same programs.

Principles of Object-Oriented Programming in Java 1.1 - by Bill Venners - this free book is a work-in-progress.


The Java Developers Almanac 1.4 (Lots of Examples, Highly recommended)

JDK Applet Examples:

Effective Java programming language guide

330 Java Tips(let's make things easier)

Bitter Java(Bruce A. Tate)

core J2EE Patterns(Best practices and design stratgeies)

Java Server Pages

JSP fundamentals( A short course about JSP)

The JDBC driver for MySQL database