Simulation of Supermarket model
the supermarket model

What happens when starting the simulation? Let's have a look at the 8 first simulation steps.

Initialisation: the simulator initialises all lp's and adds the initial events. We put a trigger event at time 0 in the trigger channel of the town lp:

Simulation processes the events in chronological order, the event with the lowest timestamp first.We indicate the event to be processed next with a red arrow  . So, the trigger event enters the town lp:

The trigger event is processed (indicated by a dashed line:  ), it produces 2 output events (indicated by a thick line:  ). The time of the simulation is still 0: the time of the processed event. The next event to be processed is the car event that enters the parking lp:

  Now, the time will progress to 15 time units. We assume that 1 unit is 1 second, this is the time scale. This means that all dynamics of the 15 first seconds are executed.

And so on...