Parallelism & Intelligence

Solution Evaluation

Current techniques
Current techniques for constructing information systems are mainly structured programming and OO, databases, $$ algorithms. They aim flexibility by clarity and above all reuse, by generality. But then a first important question arises: don?t we sacrifice performance for generality? Can we combine both or is it a tradeoff?
Secondly, do modern SE-techniques really guarantee the necessary reuse and flexibility?
Solution proposal: Optimal Code Generation !! (see LEVEL & PROJECT 7)

When analysing the requirements of an ideal parallelisator, I will consider AI-techniques and evualuate them:
- expert system
- ontology
- NN
- GA
- Search (brute force)

Synthesis of my criticism:

 - bereikbaarheid
 - beschrijfbaarheid
 - minimal information
 - information system

I have questions about:
 - flexibility
 - concept definition (is not)
 - concept recognition
 - different base hierarchies: a problem!?
 - vision: we need answers to questions