In text, references should be cited by the last name of the author and the year of publication, all in parentheses. The Reference List should be organized alphabetically by the name of the author, followed by the author's initials, year of publication, and other complete information about the published work. It may not be numbered. Only references that may be readily obtained should be cited in the list. Others may be referred to as "personal communication" in the text. In the reference list, multiple entries with the same author are arranged chronologically. Italicize the name of the publication in which the article is found, or the title itself if a separate publication. For laboratory, company, or government reports, all information on how to obtain the report should be included. For Ph.D. and M.S. theses, the institutions granting  the degree should be given. References to proceedings must include the full name of the proceedings, how to obtain it, year of publication, and page numbers of article cited. A reference to part of a book must include the range of pages in which the material is cited. Names of periodicals must be written out in full, and the range of pages cited.

Reference in a Text

(Smith 1978) -- one author
(Jones and Miller 1983) -- two authors
(Arthur et al. 1985) -- more than two authors
(Andrews 1982a) -- a trailing lowercase letter should distinguish multiple papers by the same author(s) published during a single year.
(Dijkstra 1972; Hoare et al. 1980; Smith and Kim 1984b) -- more references

The Reference List

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