Doing a Project or Thesis at the PADX lab


    Making your thesis should be the summit of your education. So study carefull the proposals we offer, discuss it with us and make up your choice to work at the PADX-lab... Once decided about the topic, we have to make it a success! Therefore, we gathered all important aspects on this page...

    What We Expect - Professional Attitude - Practical Work - Thesis Text - Presentation

    Learn from these guidelines, but don't forget that every thesis is personal, meaning that you are your own boss and it is up to you to make the decisions!! We encourage personal touches. But don't forget to take into account our guidelines - after all we have the experience - and always motivate your choices!

    For more information, don't hesitate to contact: Jan Lemeire,,, 4k226

    What We Expect

Professional Attitude

A good attitude is necessary in every working environment. We also noticed that differences in culture make it necessary to explicitly state what we expect. Moreover, this works in both ways. We feel highly responsible to guide you in your work, but only in a correct relationship!

Practical work

  1. Learn the technical things: OS, programming language, database (see our online documentation)
  2. Review the theory (the courses)
  3. Performa literature study
  4. Work on the project following its 'lifecycle':

About the thesis text

About the presentation

This is may all seem very obvious, but we see encounter these errors all the time...