The players of both teams run around in the field which we will call the arena from now on. The arena is rectangular in shape and contains all the elements of the game. It is possible to change the dimensions of the arena. Everyone can do this by changing one of the game parameters (see later).

More generally speaking the arena is grid of NxM positions. These positions will be referred to as cells for the remainder of this text. Apart from the different players and objects you will also find walls inside the arena. And as one might except players can not go through those walls neither can players jump over these walls! Here under we depict an example of an arena with several player and elements in it. The walls are the different white lines you can see.


The walls are always straight and lay on the boundaries of two cells. They thus always form angles which are multiples of 90 degrees. You never get diagonal walls!
There are four special cells in the arena. The upper corners of the arena are the home cells of the White camp, the lower corners form the home of the Black camp. The home of a team is NOT accessible for players of the other team and is thus a safe havens for your players. You can distinguish the home cells of the different teams as the are marked by as border.

Warning: Do not confuse the boundary of the white home cells with walls!!

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