Configuring the engine

The design of the PACS engine is such that it is possible for the user to control some part of the operations of the engine. For example, whether or not to use the graphical interface. There are not default values! So do not delete configuration lines!!

Game options

The engine has a series of options which can easily be set. This can be done at the end of the PACS.mod file which is contained in the PACS files. The name of the different options has been chosen so as to be as clear as possible. In addition some comment has been supplied to avoid misinterpretation. Underneath you find an example of a configuration.

Creating the arena

It is also inside the PACS.mod file that the arena can be defined. This is done using a simple but clear text representation of the arena. By default we provide two arenas in the PACS.mod file, one of them is commented out to avoid confusion. The configuration of the arena using text is depicted here. As you can see you need to specify the dimension of the arena explicitly. Do not forget this!!!

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