This page try to collect a series of questions that keep coming up. And YES the answers will be on this page as well! So please read this page first and if you question has not be answered contact us.

Note : for questions that are purely retaled to compilation problems please look at the corresponding page!! (link)


The Game in as such

  1. How many players can we have?
  2. Can we have several times the same player?
  3. Can we have less than 4 players?
  4. What happens when players of the same type running into each other? (Like ghost-ghost)
  5. Can my ghost kill one of my players?
  6. Can my eater choose not to take an apple?
  7. When do ghosts appear?
  8. Kill a player suicide? If it would get stuck or so..
  9. Can we go around the field like in PACman? (Leave the screen on the right side and re-enter on the left side a.k.a toroidal)
  1. Do we really need to make one module for each player?
  2. Where is the list of the procedures that we can use to make our player?
  3. Do we know which player/team plays first?
  4. Can a we see a apple when an explorer is standing on it?
  5. Is the linked list of visual information also terminated by a NIL?
  6. Do we have to terminate our linked list of moves with a NIL?
  7. Can we choose not to return moves?
  8. Can we return more moves than specified in the rules, 200 for example?
  9. Where can I find all the information required to understand the information we get from the game engine?
  10. I think the game engine is crashing, not my program. How can I see check this?
  11. Is the information (status of the players and such) updated while I am executing my behaviour?