PACS stands for PACman Simulation. The PACman game was quite popular in the beginning of the computer games ('80s). In this game the goal was to eat all the points in a maze. But you had to do this without being caught by the ghosts which run around in the maze. PACS is a little more complicated version of PACman in that there are more players running at the same time...

In a game of  PACS 2 teams of players occupy the field and try to collect as much apple as possible. So the bigger the better. The teams can compete with each other by blocking players, put mines or just by being faster. It is up to you to find the best strategy to solve to problem. Needless to say, PACS is far more challenging than pacman since you now have to play with several players. Of course no one can control all this players all alone. The only way to get this done is to write a behaviour program for each of the players.

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