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Getting the software & more documentation. What you will find there are compressed archives and postscript files, the link even seems to be quite fast.
  • PVM++: A C++-Library for PVM usefull??
  • Newsgroups: comp.parallel.pvm

  • MPI (Message-Passing Interface) seems to become the new standard:

  • Mpi Homepage [Link]
  • Mpi: Message-Passing Interface Standard [Link]
  • Notes about MPI
  • Lam Mpi [Link]
  • PVM manuals

    Next to this on-line PVM manual, you also have the possibility to check the man pages if you work on one of our Linux machines. Just type the next line, you will of course replace the xxxx by the name of the topic you are looking for. (press q to quit)
    man -M /usr/shared/pvm3/man xxxx

    For example: man -M /usr/shared/pvm3/man pvm_recv