Welcome at the PADX lab!

You are doing a project at the Parallel Systems lab of the VUB? This page contains all information to start using our LINUX environment.
Once succeeded logging into the system, you can find all further documentation on our website: http://parallel.vub.ac.be -> documentation -> LINUX etcetera. Please  inform us about all usefull suggestions to complete this documentation.
Assistants: Joris Borms - joris.borms@vub.ac.be - 4k226 and   Jan Lemeire - jan.lemeire@vub.ac.be - 4k226 - (02/629)2997

Our lab at 4k226 provides access to our LINUX environment, but also room 4k219a (next to the elevator) serves 4 computers to our students. Ask an assistant to open the door at office hours or borrow a key (20 Euro guarantee).
Logging into our system from the PC's of the 3rd floor is also possible, use VNC as explained here: http://parallel.vub.ac.be/documentation/linux/index.html#PCrooms

Ask your assistent for a login + password.
To login: type your login id, type your password, choose kde-3.4 as session type and press ENTER.
Once logged in, you can open a console or terminal from the toolbar at the bottom of your window. Click on the netscape button (white&blue N) of the toolbar and surf to our website for full documentation.

You don't have to close your applications yourself, they will be closed automatically and will restart the next time you log in, so leave them open!!
Choose logout, by pressing the big 'K' on your toolbar (down left). You can save your settings, this means that open applications will restart when logging in again.
When the KDE interface is blocked and you can't do anything, press first Ctrl+Alt+F1 (you get a bloack login window) and then Ctrl+Alt+Delete. Only use the power button of the PC when really nothing else is possible!

To shutdown the PC, choose Shutdown in the login screen. When rebooting, the LINUX Operating System is automatically chosen.

You can access your files with a secure ftp program, like WinSCP, see website => documentation => varia => ftp. Host name is parallel.vub.ac.be.

Switch between all available screensizes with Ctrl-Alt-+ and Ctrl-Alt--.

To learn using our linux system, we provide a programming example:
 http://parallel.vub.ac.be -> documentation -> mpi -> program example

11 Oct 2006