PADX LINUX Quick Reference

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Linux KDE environment

The 4 most important applications are on the toolbar, down left: Netscape, Terminal the File Manager and Kwrite

Terminal (Console)

  • ls -al: list contents of directory
  • cd directoryname: change directory, cd .. to go back to the parent directory
  • pwd: show the path of the current directory
  • hostname: name of computer
  • mkdir directoryname: create a directory
  • ssh hostname: go to another machine (eg parallel1), use exit to go back
  • cp pathname-filename pathname: copy file to a different location, ~/ is your home directory
  • Control-c: stops a running program.
  • use the Up & Down Arrows to repeat commands (!)
  • copy: select a text, paste: click on both mouse buttons at the same time
  • TAB: to complete the name of a program, file or directory.
  • grep <options> <word> <files> to look for a word in files, use * to look in all files, use option -R for recursive search (in subdirectories)
  • Kwrite or Kate (multiple files & Terminal)


    in terminal



    Start the gdb debugger with  gdb executable