HOWTO...  Install libraries that we often use

The path to your current java version (jre or jdk), you see next to JRE System Library in your java project. Typically it is C:/program files/java\jre***

 - set java compliance level to 1.5 (project props => Java Compiler: enable project settings)
 - put jar files in <JRE folder>/lib/ext:
 - install java 3D  (or download from here)
    - add  -Dj3d.rend=d3d  to the VM arguments of your executable for using DirectX instead of OpenGL
 - put in <JRE folder>/lib
 - put win32com.dll in <JRE folder>/bin

To change current java version in eclipse:
 - Windows => Preferences => Java => installed JREs
 - you can set it per project too